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HBO Has Commissioned a New Four Episode Comedy from Flight of the Conchords


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

My Brother: 'How did you survive that fall?'
Gaston: 'Well, I did a beautiful swan dive, swam home, gave myself a pep talk, brought some new boots, and now my confidence is back to where it should be'

"I think American guys tend to be a bit more forward, a bit more chatty and open than the Brits. The Brits seem to have a darker sense of humor, though I have met some Americans who have adopted bits of the British dry sense of humor as well."


Tina Fey(daughter Alice Richmond) does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]


I visit Carsland in Disneyland California to see just how authentic it is to the movie.
Hint: It’s very!

Full album here.




This reminds me of those pictures of the president you sometimes see hanging behind the counter at stores except it’s a dystopian setting where Dennis has taken over and demands a giant framed picture of him in the front display of every store